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5 More Things I Love About TED

Last year, I wrote a post entitled 5 Things I Love About TED. I'm writing this post while attending TED 2013. Between yesterday's pre-conference presentations and today's sessions, I've already heard from 55 speakers! We'll probably hear from 100 more before we're finished. I thought about doing a quick re-cap but decided not to go there. For now, here are five more things I love about TED... and a question for you.

4 Tips to Improve Your Next Presentation

Have you been to yet? If not, you should check it out. Why? There are probably several reasons, but I’d like to focus on the communications model that TED employs. Yes, over the years there have been some duds, but overall, the TED model works extremely well as you think about what creates a compelling presentation. Here are four tips that are certainly transferable to my world and yours.


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