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Think…Better! (Part 2)

One of my favorite movies in recent years was Limitless. I don’t know if you saw it or not; it was about a little pill which let people tap into their brain’s full potential. Unfortunately, that pill doesn’t exist. So, on Monday, I started this post on how to Think…Better!


IBM founder, Thomas Watson Sr., was famous for his admonition for his people to THINK. He worked diligently to build an organization in which thinking could become a competitive advantage. My goal is more ambitious: I want to help leaders around the world think better!

What's Big in Your World?

I just completed the manuscript for my next book. I literally sent it to the publisher ten minutes ago. If you return to this site on a semi-frequent basis, you’ll hear more about it in the weeks to come. I love marking something big off my list. How about you?

Don't Believe Everything You Think

At our annual meeting a few weeks ago, we were fortunate to have several great communicators and thought leaders address our group. One of them was Andy Andrews. One of the things he said that caught my attention was this… “Don’t believe everything you think.”


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