Time Management is Not the Issue

A leaders' time is their most important asset. If we are effective as leaders, where we invest our time yields a return. However, many leaders, myself included, have often pursued a different path. We chased the holy grail of improving our time management skills. We were wrong.

Today's Challenge: Productivity While You Travel

Do you travel a lot? I don’t consider my travel load to be excessive. I know many men and women who travel more than I do, but I have racked up more than a million miles on Delta over the years. Perhaps that’s enough to qualify me to answer today’s question:  How can you and I be more productive while we travel?

You Get No Credit for Doing the Wrong Things Well

I’m thankful to say that we’ve been able to assemble a great team at the Chick-fil-A home office. Like many of you, we’ve selected men and women of integrity with a strong work ethic, who also do amazing work. The challenge, especially if you have a team of superstars, is not that they’ll do bad work – it’s that they’ll do the wrong work extremely well!


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