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The Key to Greater Impact

As I wrote this title, I wondered, “Is this true? Is there really a single “key” to greater impact? Should I choose different language?” Here’s what I know: I’ve been looking for ways to better steward my leadership for almost four decades. Some days I feel I get it right, other times I feel I’ve failed miserably. Through it all, this one idea surfaces again and again.

Today's Challenge: Reality

As organizations grow, it is increasingly difficult for leaders to stay in touch with the real world. Many leaders understand this unintended consequence of growth and battle against it. Others, less attentive, can gradually lose site of reality. Today’s Challenge: How does a leader stay grounded in reality?

If You Can't Communicate, You Can't Lead (Part 1)

The longer I lead the more I’m convinced, communication is perhaps the most difficult aspect of leadership. I know this may seem strange. Even as I write this, I am asking myself, “Can this be right?” It seems like vision, strategy, competition, even people, would all top the list of what makes leadership challenging.

Today's Challenge: Thinking

When was the last time you had a truly remarkable meal with friends? I hope you have that experience often. I had dinner last night with three really smart leaders. The food was good and the fellowship was even better. The majority of our conversation revolved around one question: How much time do you spend thinking?

384 Dog Years and Counting!

Do you know how long have you been alive? Today is my 20,000th day! Or if you prefer, you can think of it as… 479,997 hours, or 2,857 weeks, or 1,428 fortnights, or 735 lunar months. But my favorite is 384 dog years - that’s a lot of years. Maybe that helps explain why I’ve been so tired recently.

Just Like Magic... A New Year!

January 1st is one of my favorite days every year. I know it doesn’t make sense at a rational level – it’s just another day, right? Yes and no. There is something quite powerful about a fresh start. A new year provides that chance.


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