Start With a Who in Your Why

Author Simon Sinek has popularized the phrase, Start with Why.  
While it is great to start with defining what motivates you - your why - perhaps it would be even better to start with “WHO?”
Not to go all Dr. Seuss on you, but how can a who not be your why? In fact, if a who is not your why, you will never maximize your effectiveness.
Who carries with it the idea of WE, which by definition causes ME to die. Too many leaders, me included, have a tendency to think me over we. If you fall into that category, it is time to refocus.
In the end, if me is your motivation, you will end up alone. Me is a one man show. Me is lonely at the top. Me requires you to focus on how you look, how you sound to others, you're popularity, your position, your power. Me loses to we.
We on the other hand, only requires you to focus on one thing. Others.
In the end, me requires more energy, pretense, fabrication, and a lack of integrity.
We experiences the joy of together, team, and someone with whom to share a sense of accomplishment.
If you need a shot of motivation today, make sure you start with a who in your why.
Leadership Begins at Home,
WHO motivates YOUR why?
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