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One Word: Inspire

Over the last twelve months, I have written several posts in the One Word series. These are words leaders think about often. Some of the featured words have included Momentum, Team, Hope, Vision and Diversity. Today, the next installment… one thing every leader must ultimately learn to do, or give the baton to someone else to do – INSPIRE others to action.

One Word... Hope

Over the last few months, I’ve written several posts under the banner - One Word. These have included, Vision (A three-part mini series), Data, Diversity and others. Today, let’s explore a word that is critical to our success... Hope.

When You Get the First Word

As leaders, we’re often asked to speak to groups, large and small. We invest many hours over the course of a year preparing for those presentations. As a frequent speaker, I’ve noticed a growing trend - introductions that leave me and the audience scratching our head.

One Word...Why?

This is the next installment in a series in which I explore some key words in a leader’s world. So far, we covered Data and Vision. Today, another simple word that doubles as a powerful question: Why?


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