Today's Challenge: What's Your Question?

If you’ve been reading my posts for long, you may have noticed a pattern. For the last ten months, I’ve dedicated virtually every Friday to answering a question from a leader somewhere in the world. I call this series Today’s Challenge. Here are some of the questions I’ve addressed…

How do you assess team health?

How do I better influence my boss?

How do I help people learn to think?

Should I hire a coach?

How do I fund my vision?

If you could only recommend one book, which one would you choose?

What should I stop doing?

How do we improve execution?

How do I make my meetings more productive?

How do I make our culture a competitive advantage?

How do you respond to poor performers?

Today, I’m not tackling a new challenge - I’m asking you to send me your questions. If you have an issue, problem or leadership challenge you’d like to submit, I’d be happy to take a look and try to help.
As you consider my request, there are a few things I’d like you to be aware of:

  • Your identity will not be revealed.
  • I’ll look for patterns, themes and questions that may be of interest to a broad audience. Therefore, I may speak to a topic and not answer your individual question. If this happens, please know your question helped shape my response.
  • If I continue to get as many questions as I have in the past, it could be months before I can write a response – remember I only do one of these posts each week. A slow response is not a lack of interest on my part.
  • When you voice a question, chances are good you are raising an issue shared by hundreds or even thousands of other leaders. Thanks for demonstrating your leadership by asking the question. Your courage, time and energy will serve other leaders.

You can use the comment section below to submit your questions or send them to
Thanks for joining the conversation![GLS_Shield]

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Dan Forbes

10 years ago

Mark, check your email link. It didn't work for me.

scott powell

10 years ago

I recently read a book called Start With Why by Simon Sinek, started a transformation in my way of understanding people. His favorite company is Barry Wehmiller. They practice something called People Centric Leadership. Bob Chapman ceo has a website called Truly Human Leadership.
Gallop did a poll last week says 70% of American workers are disengaged at their jobs.
Bob Chapman the CEO of Barry Wehmiller says we have a Leadership crisis in America.
Well if we as Leaders are failing 7 out of 10 of the folks that work for us, I gotta concur with Bob, we got a crisis.
Barry Wehmiller on the other hand has 72% team mate satisfaction.
Ok so let me make sure I am making this clear.......doing whatever you want to call Leadership in the workplace in America 70% to the negative results, what Barry Wehmiller is doing 72% positive results.
Mark you might at ChickFiliet might be responsible for the whole 30% TO THE GOOD! Great!
My question is after the context from above is: I been trying since I discovered Barry Wehmiller, they even have the own University to teach what they are doing. I have been doing everything I can to share this GREAT news with Leaders and almost no one seems to be listening
WHY? How can failing 7 out of 10 people be ok with ANYONE who considers themselves a Leader? HOW is that possible?
Look I regret the facts are clear, sorry for hurting ego's if that is the case but as Leaders in business as a whole WE STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok for me failing 7 out of 10 people qualifies me to STINK opinion.
Anyway Mark, if you have an opinion WHY Leaders seem to just want to stick their heads in the sand and not be open to looking at something that is working 180% better?
Barry Wehmiller has 7000 employees so it is not like they got 7 out of 10 employees. They got 72% of 7000. They also gave shareholders a 15% dividend over the last 5 years where the average of the S&P is 3%. Their stated goal is to make better people! They even have a company video called, "We Make Great Moms".
I just for the life of me cannot understand why Leaders read this and are not googling Bob Chapman Ted talk and Bob Chapman Defining Moments and Barry Wehmiller University as fast as they can.
Don't Leaders want to do better by their folks? Don't they? Well Sportsfans, this AIN"T baseball, this is people's lives. 3 out of 10 ain't cutting it.
Mark does 30% cut it for you?
Hope you Hear me Mark and can help me to get other so-called Leaders to wake up to the reality of our report card and then decide we can do better.
Then look at what Bob Chapman is doing and consider doing what they are doing.
Thanks, very much looking forward to your informed and heartfelt response.
Scott Powell


10 years ago

Scott, I agree with your assessment that 30% engagement is leadership malpractice. I will write more about why this might be the case in an upcoming post. Thanks for raising the question! Mark

Kevin A

10 years ago

What are some questions a leader can ask when deciding to lead the organization more and manage less. This is assuming the leader is committed to growing the organization.


10 years ago

I'm in education. I love it!! The folks I work with are great. The students are the best. And sometimes we are called upon to fulfill federal or state initiatives we don't agree with. So how do i encourage my team to work towards goals which they have no buy in and see little relevance in?


10 years ago

I love your question! I'll write about this soon. Mark

Roger Mashore

10 years ago

How do you foster Quality into the Culture of an organization?


10 years ago

Thanks for your question! I had the opportunity to start the Quality & Customer Satisfaction group at Chick-fil-A about 20 years ago. I do have a few thoughts about building quality into the cutlure. I'll write more about this in the future. Thanks for your question! Mark


10 years ago

How do you coach (or reign in) an employee that is valuable but is also unwilling to distribute wokload, allow others new opportunity, and share credit?


10 years ago

Doug - great question! I'll address this in a future installment of Today's Challenge. Thanks for joining the conversation! Mark

Jon Stallings

10 years ago

How do you bring a team member with his own agenda back in line with the team?


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