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Benchmarking or Industrial Tourism?

Over the years, some of my greatest learning has come from benchmarking successful organizations. While visiting FEDEX we learned about their Leadership Index; at Google and Pixar we learned about creating work space to fuel collaboration and creativity; from Disney we learned about the power of vision and values; from a visit to Starbucks, I saw first hand: aligned communication starts at the top. My list of learnings could fill an entire post. Here’s my point: benchmarking is powerful – when done well.

The 5 Levers of Change (Part 2) Measurement

I remember a leadership challenge I faced years ago. We had a goal to be ranked #1 by our customers in 25 markets around the country. We had been pursuing this for several years and we knew we were close. When we received our scorecard, we had met our goal in 23 of the 25 markets. The two markets in which we were lagging were my accountability.


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