Today's Challenge: A Heart Transplant

I open some of my talks by telling the audience the presentation they are about to hear is not for them. After I let that sink in, I ask them to think of a leader they know who has failed to live up to their potential or perhaps the person who comes to mind is stuck in their career. I then tell them, “This talk is about how you may be able to help your friend.”

Don't Just Survive... Thrive!

Do you know a leader whose career is stalled? Maybe you know someone who seems to have tremendous untapped potential, but he or she is having trouble realizing this potential. Have you ever met a leader who struggles to get traction? Perhaps one of these descriptions fits you.

A New Heart

For the last few years, I’ve been thinking a lot about the heart. My most recent book, The Heart of Leadership, is focused on addressing the issues of the heart that impede our leadership. In the last week, my mind has once again returned to the importance of the heart as I’ve waited with my dad for his heart surgery.

The Heart of Leadership – Official Launch: Today

The Heart of Leadership officially launches today. Thanks for your encouraging words and pre-orders! It’s already ranked at #70 on Amazon Business Books and has over 50 reviews on Amazon. I’m told that a good start. Here’s a quick video (2:12)  to tell you a little more. As with all my books, all profits will be donated to charity. Thank you for helping us spread the word!

Today's Challenge: The Leader's Path

As we approach the launch of The Heart of Leadership next week, I received an interesting question: How does the content of this book apply to a leader’s path? Honestly, I hadn’t given much thought to a leader’s path. But I’ve now begun to do so.

Why Some Leaders Struggle

One of the reasons I’m excited about my new book, The Heart of Leadership, is my belief it can help a lot of leaders whose careers are stalled. Granted, the reasons leaders struggle can be multi-faceted. In some cases, a leader's challenges are out of his or her control – I get that. However, most often, I believe leaders make their own future.


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