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Leaders Have A Lot To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a fabulous holiday for many people. I believe those with thankful hearts enjoy it most. One way to cultivate a thankful heart is to recount all the things you have to be thankful for. Today, I’ll share some things I’m thankful for this season...

Today's Challenge: Funding Your Vision

How do leaders fund their dreams? The truth is dollars are required to turn vision into reality. This is not just a question for leaders in the not-for-profit sector. Leaders in the marketplace need to raise financial support for the programs and initiative we wish to fund as well. Today’s Challenge: How do I raise money for my cause or project?

The 1% Factor

In his blog last week, Seth Godin wrote about the 1%. He said:

That's how many you get if you're lucky. One percent of the subscribers to the Times read an article and take action. One percent of the visitors to a website click a button to find out more. One percent of the people in a classroom are sparked by an idea and go do something about it.


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