The Best Planning Question Ever...

The fourth quarter every year is always challenging for me. Not because of year-end deadlines or goals I’m striving to nail before the annual clock strikes midnight – the challenge is preparing for the upcoming year.

What's Next on Your Leadership Journey?

Every great leader is on a journey - a long, never-ending quest to serve and grow. Have you ever given much thought to yours? If you have, and you are like most of us, you realize your path has been challenging, exhilarating and even frustrating at times, but it has certainly not been a straight line.

Today's Challenge: Can I Trust You?

People do not follow leaders they do not trust. If you and I are trustworthy, we’ve jumped a significant hurdle on the path to effective leadership. It we are not seen as trustworthy, no amount of skill will suffice. If your heart is not right, no one cares about your skills. Today’s Challenge question is… How do you build trust?

How to Make 2016 Great! - Part 2

We don’t control outcomes or opportunities - we do control our readiness for the challenges and opportunities we encounter. This core belief creates a passion in leaders to learn and grow. The New Year is a perfect reset moment. Our process of preparation can have a huge impact on our readiness and our success.

How to Make 2016 Great!

Only 60 days until Christmas – only 67 days until the New Year. Are you ready? If you’re like me, you aren’t ready for either, but we can be! Ready or not, we all have a fresh start waiting for us as we begin 2016. What are you doing NOW to ensure next year will be the best year of your life as a leader?

I Think I Know Your Problem...

What do you struggle with as a leader? Based on countless conversations with leaders, I think I know. I didn’t have language to capture all these conversations until recently. Here’s what I think… the number one issue facing many leaders is forgetfulness.

Today's Challenge: Finish the Drill

Finish the drill” is a phrase many athletic coaches have adopted to remind their team: victory lies at the end of the activity. This mantra not only helps sports teams, it can help me and you have a more fulfilling and productive life. Today’s Challenge question comes from a leader who asks: How do I follow-through (finish) on my goals?

Today's Challenge: Overcoming Resistance

The extent to which we can overcome Resistance in our lives will determine the impact we have on the world.
Inspired by Stephen Pressfield’s classic book, The War of Art, in my last two posts, I shared some of the ways Resistance can compromise our life and our leadership. Today, I want to tackle the bigger question: How can I combat resistance?

Resistance is the Enemy - Part 2

You know what you should do and yet time and time again there is an unseen force that stops you in your tracks – it is Resistance. In my previous post I began to unpack some of the signs and manifestations of Resistance: excuses, blame, procrastination, rationalization and fear. Today, a few more of the telltale marks of the enemy…


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