One Word... Momentum

We see it in all around us – an almost inexplicable energy that propels a team to victory, a company to higher levels of performance and individuals to accomplish more than anyone thought possible. What is this force and how can we marshal it for our purposes?

One Word... Data

Today, I want to start a series on some of the key words leaders encounter on a regular basis. They are words we may not fully appreciate, and in some cases, we may not even agree on what the word really means. Today’s Word: Data.

One-Page Bias

How do you like for people to communicate with you? Have you ever thought about it? After some brief reflection, it was clear to me: I have a one-page bias. I receive information best when it has been distilled down to its essence. Here’s something else I’ve discovered over the years: a lot of other people share this same bias.

WE Goals Are Better Than ME Goals

There is a half-truth in organizations that undermines the performance of countless teams. It goes something like this: Every member of the team should have accountability for a specific goal. The truth is, all great teams focus on achieving results; goals are good, but individual goals are a weak substitute for shared goals.

What's On Your Scorecard?

People love to keep score. Leaders help people keep score. These two facts both contribute to improved performance. However, improvement is not automatic; a key driver in the process is the scorecard. Today, I want to address the fundamental question every leader and every team has to struggle with: What’s on your scorecard?


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