When Less is More

Less is more - a hard idea for most people to embrace. We live in a culture that advocates the opposite. We falsely assume that more words, more activity, more things, more programs, more products and even more relationships will be a good thing. I’ve been as guilty as the next person on this one, but Henry Cloud helped me tremendously when he wrote Necessary Endings. He’s convinced me that a leader’s ultimate success will, in large part, be determined by his or her ability to embrace the idea that less is not only more, it is essential!

The 1% Factor

In his blog last week, Seth Godin wrote about the 1%. He said:

That's how many you get if you're lucky. One percent of the subscribers to the Times read an article and take action. One percent of the visitors to a website click a button to find out more. One percent of the people in a classroom are sparked by an idea and go do something about it.

Stop Setting Goals...

If you read my last post, 8 Reasons to Set Goals, this title may seem confusing. Well, my friend Bobb Biehl has written a great book entitled, Stop Setting Goals… If You’d Rather Solve Problems. Bobb realized years ago that not everyone is a goal setter. And, there are some people who are not energized at all by the pursuit of goals established by others. As a leader, what do you do if:  A) That’s you? B) You have some of these people on your team?

8 Reasons to Set Goals

I enjoyed meeting with my new team for two days this week. It’s an exciting time – lots of opportunity, lots of unanswered questions. One of our conversations was about our goals. As we talked, I was reminded why I love setting goals.

The First Step in Creating a Great Presentation

How many presentations have you heard in your life and afterwards your first response was, “What was that about?” I’m guessing you’ve had this experience too many times to count. How does this happen? Didn’t the presenter prepare? Most often, the answer is yes – he or she did prepare. However, they missed what I believe is the most important question any communicator should ask and answer BEFORE they begin creating the talk, “What is the target?”

5 Important Questions to Ask BEFORE You Speak

As leaders, you and I often have the opportunity to speak in public settings. These may be large events or small – formal or informal, internal audiences or external. Regardless of the context, I’ve found that the more questions I ask before I speak, the greater the impact I can have. Here are five of my favorites.


One of the things I love about my role at Chick-fil-A is the opportunity to learn from great leaders – both inside and outside our business. I had that chance again this week. Tuesday, our senior leaders spent the day with Don Soderquist. Don is the former Vice Chairman and COO for Walmart and the founder of the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics at John Brown University. Under Don's leadership, Walmart, became the world’s largest business.


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