The Most Powerful Leadership Equation Ever

I’ll never forget the day I heard Steve Kerr speak almost 20 years ago – he changed the way I look at leadership. Steve was the former head of G.E.’s legendary Crontonville leadership development complex. On the day I heard him speak, he had a single slide with the following equation…

How to Have a Better Second Half

It’s that time of year again – March Madness. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, I think you would agree that sports can provide a lot of life lessons. I also believe the best coaches can teach us a lot about leadership.

The Best Performance Review Ever?

Think about the best performance review you've ever had – what made it great? I’m guessing it was not a stand alone event. Let me explain… Ken Blanchard taught me years ago that rarely will an isolated review of performance pay huge dividends. Only when it is part of a larger process does it (the review) add maximum value. What could that process look like? I’ll suggest five components to a solid Performance Management System.

The Power of AND

The fourth practice in the Great Leaders SERVE model is Value Results and Relationships.  This is the most difficult of the five practices for many leaders - it's certainly the most difficult for me. When I ask other leaders why this is so hard, they all know.


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