Today's Challenge: Quicksand

Have you ever felt like you were in quicksand as a leader? I’ve never been in real quicksand, but I’ve seen it on TV and in the movies. It looks awful! As I understand the way it works, when you’re in it, your attempts to free yourself plunge you deeper into its grip… and ultimately you die.

Purpose Matters

From time to time, I have the opportunity to help a team, business or non-profit agency answer the question: Why do we exist? I’m always delighted to help, but the irony is that I never know the answer to the question. All I can do is poke, prod and ask a few questions along the way.

One Word... Vision (Part 2)

Last week, I began a post on Vision. I shared my working definition and my case for why it matters. Realizing you probably already know it matters, I wanted to follow up with a few ideas on how to create one.

One Word... Vision (Part 1)

This is the next installment of posts about words that impact leaders on a daily basis. Last week, I talked about Data and how it can help us lead at a higher level – if used properly. Today, one of the most important words in a leader's life… Vision.

Leaders Create the Future

One of the challenges of our role as leaders is the need to think about today and tomorrow. Leaders who focus too much on today will sacrifice tomorrow and leaders who over invest in the future jeopardize today.

What's Your Cause?

Last week, I attended the TED Conference. If you don’t know about TED, I’ve written several posts in the past (here’s the most recent). While making my way home, I reviewed my notes from over 100 speakers and was struck by the diversity of causes addressed over the course of the conference.

5 More Things I Love About TED

Last year, I wrote a post entitled 5 Things I Love About TED. I'm writing this post while attending TED 2013. Between yesterday's pre-conference presentations and today's sessions, I've already heard from 55 speakers! We'll probably hear from 100 more before we're finished. I thought about doing a quick re-cap but decided not to go there. For now, here are five more things I love about TED... and a question for you.

Today's Challenge: Funding Your Vision

How do leaders fund their dreams? The truth is dollars are required to turn vision into reality. This is not just a question for leaders in the not-for-profit sector. Leaders in the marketplace need to raise financial support for the programs and initiative we wish to fund as well. Today’s Challenge: How do I raise money for my cause or project?


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