A Training Workshop for Your Leaders AND Your People


Redefine the Vision


Align Your Team


Boost Your Organization

Are you, your leaders, and your employees…

  • Feeling disengaged?
  • Blurry on the vision?
  • Misaligned where it matters?
  • Lacking traction?
  • Lost in the weeds, putting out fires?
  • Burnt out?
  • Feeling unmotivated, unencouraged, or unrecognized?
  • Needing a boost?

How to Book a Training Event


Contact Us

We'll get to know your unique situation, and prepare a training session (or multiple) to tackle the areas that will be most beneficial to you and your team.


Enjoy the Session

We've all sat through a monotonously mind-numbing seminar. We promise this won't be like that! You bring your people, we'll bring the resources and the fun.


Act and See Results

You'll leave our session with a renewed hope and tangible action steps to carry what you've learned into your daily life.

What Keeps Organizations From Reaching Their Potential

Hope is not a strategy. You must believe and behave your way to high performance. The first - and most important - step requires making the intentional choice to take action. Start today by downloading Randy Gravitt's free e-book, "The 9 Barriers to High-Performance" and let us know how we can serve you in your leadership journey!


    "Sitting here today was not only about business. It had everything to do with life. The tools Randy shared will give you a better life, a better family, and make you a better human being. After decades of studying leadership, this was the best day of training I have experienced. It was incredible. I just loved it."

    Howard Behar

    Former President of Starbucks International

    "When it comes to leadership training and putting together a blueprint for an organization to set itself up for record-setting success, InteGREAT tops the list."

    Dwaine Osborne

    Head Coach of Basketball, University of Charleston

    "InteGREAT's workshop was the perfect fit for Arrow, as we just achieved double digit revenue growth for the 5th year in a row. The Chess Not Checkers presentation delivered by Randy to our Leadership Team was the best we have ever had. The content and the delivery resonated with our team like few ever have."

    Tim Pollard

    COO of Arrow Exterminators

    Training Deliverables

    • Alignment around a clear vision
    • Energy and engagement for your people
    • A personalized blueprint to go from where you are to where you want to be
    • Actionable next steps so your training day doesn't end after the session does
    • A plethora of tools and resources to provide a framework for your journey
    • Real, bottom-line results

    How will you benefit from training?

    Every leader faces different voactional challenges and leadership demands, but all want the same end results: to grow their team, accelerate results, and achieve high performance.

    Of course, you must start where you are, but you don't have to stay there. We offer training on a variety of resources catered specifically to your current needs and organizational demands. Plus, InteGREAT is the only leadership firm licensed to train on the High Performance Leadership Ststem, designed for Chick-fil-A and used by leaders around the world to take their leadership (and results!) to the next level.

    Whether you need a one-day workshop or a longer engagement, we're here to help. We'll tailor a training session to your leaders and organization, and leave you with actionable next steps and an assortment of resources so that the training doesn't end at the end of the session. The results will come with the framework provided, and serve you well beyond our time together!

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