5 More Things I Love About TED

Last year, I wrote a post entitled 5 Things I Love About TED. I'm writing this post while attending TED 2013. Between yesterday's pre-conference presentations and today's sessions, I've already heard from 55 speakers! We'll probably hear from 100 more before we're finished. I thought about doing a quick re-cap but decided not to go there. For now, here are five more things I love about TED... and a question for you.

1. The vision - Ideas worth spreading is TED's mantra. In recent years, the strategies to make this a reality have continued to multiply. Here are a few of them: TED.com (one of the most amazing web sites in the world - 1 BILLION views and growing), TED GlobalTED Fellows, TED Ed, TEDx, etc.
2. The creativity - This manifests itself in many forms. Look at the strategies above for a few examples. Also, the event itself is a showcase for creative ideas from around the community. Whether it's the set (pictured above), or the program materials, the content of the gift bags, or the presentations themselves. The level of creativity inspires the attendees.
3. The energy - This is impossible to quantify and even harder to explain. I've long been a student of the art and science of creating energy in an event - TED has mastered it. Take a look at my post from last year to get a clue regarding some of the factors that contribute to the energy that is TED.
4. The community - It is amazing how many people I see only once a year at this conference, and it's as if we didn't miss a beat. I can't explain it. Friends who see each other only once a year seems contrary to all I know about building community; but it is part of the TED phenomena.
5. The impact - The TED Prize was first given to Bono in 2005 - he leveraged that modest financial gift to jumpstart one.org an organization which has radically reduced global poverty. Today, the now $1 million prize, was given to Sugata Mitra who wants to change the face of global education - starting in his home country of India. And, don't miss the almost 6,000 TEDx events hosted in 2012; plus all the programs I mentioned surrounding the vision. TED is making a difference around the world.
There has at least one more thing TED has going for it - an abundance mentality. I think this starts with Chris Anderson, the Curator of TED. He REALLY believes in these ideas worth sharing. No hoarding behavior from Chris and his team - just the opposite. They continue to look for new and innovative ways to give the world more ideas that matter.[GLS_Shield]

What can you and your organization learn from TED?



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